Prof. Dr. Ad Vingerhoets

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Prof. Dr. Ad Vingerhoets, Tilburg University

What is the origin and function of human tears?

Ad Vingerhoets is a Professor of Clinical Psychology at Tilburg University. He is well-known for his research on stress and emotions and he has spent more than 20 years investigating why humans cry, and how the study of crying might improve our understanding of human nature. He published over 400 articles in scientific journals and (co-)authored/edited 19 books.

He has been interviewed by renowned magazines such as TIME and The Psychologist where he has addressed among others the benefits of crying for human functioning. In his most recent book, ¨Why Only Humans Weep¨, he explored the origin and functions of human tears. Not only does he investigate this from a psychologists perspective but also from an evolutionary biological, neuroscience, historical and anthropological point of view, thereby integrating these perspectives to research the complexities of human crying.

In his keynote lecture, Prof. Vingerhoets will tell us more about his scientific journey into elucidating the role of human tears in modern society.
Join his lecture and discover more about the complexities underlying this intriguing phenomenon.

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