Aminata Cairo

Inclusivity Training Toolkit

Aminata Cairo is Lector of Inclusive Education at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. In her daily work she is responsible for assisting the institution to create a climate where everybody is welcome and performs to the best of their abilities.

Imagine a world in which you are able to comfortably deal with the diversity of people you are meant to encounter and inspire. How do you do that? Whether in a leadership position, or member of a working team, the world is looking for people who can engage and create change. Aminata will take you on an experiential (and experimental) journey to give you some hand on tools to address some of the interpersonal interactions that might be difficult at times. Come open to experience and learn something different. In order to make it in your career you need more than intellectual capacities, you need to be able to connect with and relate to others as well.

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