Ana Ferreira

Ana Ferreira

Coping with failure

Round table discussion with Annelies Pieter

A PhD journey has in itself a great deal of trials and tribulations, which in essence can lead to increased growth and resilience, both professionally and personally.

However, when we are in the middle of it, completely immersed within the process and many times under high stress and with little support, it is challenging to keep our focus on the big picture and on the long term benefits of the life lessons acquired on the way. Sometimes we get stuck in unhealthy cycles of fear, including our fear of failure. Why?

In this panel discussion we will talk about tools to change our mindset around failure. We will discuss from where the fear of failure comes from, how it is affecting your (PhD) journey, and how it can be so different! Applying simple steps, we can increase our self-awareness in everyday choices and live a more engaging (PhD) life, with beneficial impact for ourselves and for the communities around us.