Arne Rutjes

Demystifying Blockchain: a business perspective

What exactly is blockchain? Can you apply it in your research? Because of all the hype and expectations around distributed ledger technologies, it can be hard to make out the facts on what it can and cannot do. It is true that its unique characteristics can be a powerful solution in many situations where there’s friction between parties. At the same time it only caters to a specific subset of uses and it’s not going to magically solve all our problems. Nevertheless, its potential applications to scientific research practices sets the understanding of its characteristics to be of great interest for young researchers.

With his team, Arne Rutjes (IBM) has been active taking the largest corporations from ideation to implementation of blockchain projects all over Europe, in sectors like energy & utilities, logistics, trade finance and even music rights and bicycle theft. He’ll take you through the basic characteristics of blockchain for business and how to evaluate if it can be applied to your area of expertise, based on real life examples.

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