ARS Traffic & Transport Technology

ARS Traffic & Transport Technology has been providing traffic and transport technology solutions to businesses and government bodies since 1997. The company is active both in its home market of the Netherlands and internationally. The intelligent transport system market is always on the move, in every sense of the word.

  • ITS specialists

As an international market leader in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) solutions, ARS T&TT has an international team of 300 specialists covering all required disciplines, from traffic engineers to mechanical engineers and from project managers to software architects. ARS T&TT’s core capabilities concern all aspects within the ITS marketplace, from integral public transport systems to DBMFO contracts on real-time traffic data warehouses to innovative enforcement software, vision analytics, multi modal urban traffic information solutions, motion data services, map matching and a yield management product line for example.

  • Client focus

ARS T&TT has a strong and loyal international customer base in Europe and Asia. ITS disciplines at ARS T&TT include consultancy, traffic and transport engineering, project management, process management, information management, software design and engineering, hardware design and electrical engineering, 24hrs individual system monitoring and maintenance, ITIL based service management and ITS conceptual business development.

Speed-dating opportunity with ARS T&TT

ARS T&TT is looking for people with a strong technical background with a passion for solving traffic and mobility problems. As we deliver the total solution for these problems we have opportunities for a broad range of people with different backgrounds ranging from computers science, information technology, physics, logistics, planning, electrical engineering and so on. We have opportunities for young people to develop their career in different directions like project management, solution architecture, consultancy, software development, relationship and business development, product management & marketing, service management, supplier management, finance, human resource management, procurement and line management. In a medium-sized, fast growing, international company like ARS there are many opportunities to develop your career.

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