Camiel Verschoor

Artificial Inspectors to empower people to keep vital assets in top condition

Camiel Verschoor is co-founder and CEO of, an Artificial Intelligence software company focused on finding user-specified objects in aerial data. As a student at the University of Amsterdam, he worked on a prototype of a drone that could spot humans and rhino’s from the sky, potentially saving rhino’s from hunters. Amongst others, now focuses on the automatic inspection of infrastructure. Infrastructure inspectors must quickly locate defects to perform the necessary maintenance. Gathering this information by climbing up a wind turbine is dangerous and labour-intensive. Therefore, inspectors have started using drones to look for defects on these large structures (power lines, wind turbines, solar panels). These drones cut down the cost significantly, but leave the inspector with a big pile of photos. uses Artificial Intelligence to create Artificial Inspectors that check these photos to see if they contain defects automatically. Their service provides the inspector with a bird’s-eye view of the defects found on the assets. During his talk, Camiel will share his passion about this technology with us.

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Camiel’s TEDx talk about whether drones could save the rhino

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