Elsevier will provide a workshop titeled: Planning your research career – how can research analytics help? As the number of academic publications keep rising exponentially, you need smart tools to navigate, review and summarize past scientific activity in specific fields of research. Scopus is one of the largest experts curated abstract & citation database, helping researchers go beyond finding relevant literature to understand information beyond the document records. SciVal is a web-based analytics solution that uses Scopus data to visualize research trends, benchmark progress, develop strategic collaborations or find future employment in the industry or academia. In this session we will discuss how Elsevier’s Research Intelligence tools can help researchers in their day-to-day work, networking, and career planning. You’ll get a quick introduction to Scopus and SciVal and the speakers will share information about the Scopus Community and trainings, and the SciVal workshops available for early career researchers at RuG. Click here to learn more about Elsevier.