Frequently asked questions

How much is the registration fee?

  • Registration for the PhD Day costs €10. You may reclaim this via your own graduate school depending of course on your personal budget and other regulations.

Where can I register?

Can I earn any credits?

  • With just participating in the PhD Day you earn 1 ECTS
  • As a volunteer during the day you earn 2 ECTS
  • If you are a member of one of the organizing committees you earn 3 ECTS
  • As member of the board you earn 5 ECTS

Do I receive a certificate of participation?

  • Yes, all PhDs attending the event receive a certificate of participation, indicating all ECTS earned.

I am not a PhD, can I join the dinner?

  • Due to space limitations, dinner is for PhDs only. However, all attendees are welcome to join the party, one free drink at the party is included.

I have subscribed/signed up but there is a waiting list for the dinner, what to do?

  • (Sorry for this!) Unfortunately we don’t have space for all attendees of the PhD Day. If you forgot to register for the waiting list during the registration procedure you can send an e-mail to with the topic “waiting list dinner”, you will be placed on the waiting list.

I have subscribed/registered but I changed my mind, can I get a refund?

  • With a good reason you can send an email to with the topic “refund ticket”, then please allow us some time to process your request
  • For the dinner please send an e-mail to with the topic “refund dinner”

Where can I find the program?

  • You can follow our program updates via Facebook and our website. A detailed program will be online soon (before september 1st). 

When can I register  for the parallel sessions?

  • You can register for workshops, parallel- and company speed dating sessions on September 1st.

I’m a first year PhD, is this event relevant for me?

  • Absolutely, PhDs of all stages have relevance to the program since it is never to early to think about your transferable skills (and how to use them within and beyond your PhD).

I can only attend part of the day, should I still subscribe? Do I need to pay for the complete day?

  • You are more to welcome to join for parts of the day. Please subscribe the regular way (we can not give refunds for part of the day).

Is lunch and coffee included?

  • Yes, free lunch, coffee and drinks during the closing session will be provided.

I want to attend the party but not the dinner, are there still drinks included?

  • Yes, one free drink at the party is included. PostDoc and Research Master attendees of the PhD Day are also very welcome!

Do I have to prepare anything for the PhD day?

  • You may read some background information on the speakers but there is no active preparation needed.

How can I volunteer?

  • Register for the event in the regular way. During the procedure there’s an option to sign up as volunteer. The ticket price of selected volunteers will be reimbursed and earn 2 ECTS.

I want to be part of the organization next year, what to do?

  • Great! We welcome all of you to consider being a member next year to get to know fellow PhDs, learn new skills and enjoy organizing one of the biggest academic events in the country! Please send an e-mail to with the topic “committee 2017-2018” with a short motivation.

Are all the workshops and lectures in English?

  • Yes, all workshops and lectures are in English.