How much is the registration fee?

Registration for the PhD Day 2021 is free!


Where can I register?

You can register here!


 Can I earn any credits?

  •         With just participating in the PhD Day you earn 1 EC (presence will be registered)*, provided you have made a  LinkedIn profile by the end of the PhD Day. 
  •         As a volunteer during the day you earn 2 EC* 
  •         If you are a member of one of the organizing committees you earn 4 EC
  •         As member of the main organizing board you earn 6 EC

*check with your own institution to be sure


Is a LinkedIn profile really necessary for requiring the 1 EC?

The requirement to have/create a linkedin profile is to encourage professional development of PhD students, so that they can take full advantage of the online opportunities provided by the PhD day when attending. So in order to receive the 1 EC, you should attend the PhD day (presence will be registered) and have a LinkedIn account. Furthermore, a workshop will be given on how to Network using LinkedIn, which is aimed at those PhD students that are not yet using LinkedIn to its full potential.  


Do I receive a certificate of participation?

Yes, all PhDs attending the event receive a certificate of participation, indicating all ECTS earned.


Do I have to prepare anything for the PhD day?

You may read some background information on the speakers but there is no active preparation needed.


I am a Research Master student, can I join the event?

Yes, Research Master students, especially those finding themselves at the end of their studies, are very welcome to attend the event.


I’m a first year PhD, is this event relevant for me?

Absolutely, PhDs of all stages have relevance to the program since it is never too early to think about your future career opportunities and develop new and useful transferable skills.


I can only attend part of the day, should I still subscribe?

You are more than welcome to join for parts of the day. Please subscribe the regular way .


Where can I find the program?

You can find the program on our website . During the event itself you can also find a programme overview in the main lobby and in the main menu.


Are all the workshops and lectures in English?

Yes, all workshops and lectures are in English.


I did not receive login information for the online event, where can I find it?

We will send an email with your login information on Friday 4th of June  before 8 o’clock.  If you have not received an email after 08.00 hour, please check your spam folder as some programs mark the emails from the platform as spam. If you cannot find the login details in your inbox or spam folder, please contact us with the topic “login information missing”.


I cannot login into the platform/the platform is not working, how do I fix it?

Problems with the platform  can have multiple causes, like using an outdated browser or using a VPN which is blocking the platform. If you experience any problems, please try the following steps:

  •         Do not share your personal link with other people. Only one person can have access with the link
  •         Update your internet browser and preferably use Chrome
  •         Make sure you have only 1 tab opened of the event
  •         Check if your firewall or VPN is blocking the platform. You can try putting the VPN off.
  •         Some antivirus  software can block the program
  •         Turn off automatic Chrome translation
  •         If a firewall/VPN can’t be put off, you can try switching computers. For example, go from a company/university computer to a personal one

 If these steps did not help, please contact us with the topic  “platform not working”. 


Is it possible to access the Let’s Get Digital platform via a smartphone/tablet?

No, Let’s Get Digital is optimised for desktop use and cannot be accessed via a smartphone/tablet.


I want to be part of the organization next year, what to do?

Awesome! We welcome all of you to consider being a member next year to get to know fellow PhDs, learn new skills and enjoy organizing one of the biggest academic events in the country! Please contact us with the topic “committee 2021-2022”, including a brief motivation text.


My question is not here?

Please send contact us with your questions, we will try to answer them as soon as possible.