Riccardo Iacovelli

Riccardo Iacovelli studied Biotechnology at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. After an Erasmus internship at RUG, where he had completed the work for his thesis, he went back home to finish his studies and graduate. Shortly after, he started his PhD in the department of Molecular Microbiology, working on the structural and functional investigation of particular enzymes that can produce antibiotics and other drugs. In the meantime, he developed a serious interest in photography and graphic design, which led him to follow several online courses to improve his skills and to improve his knowledge of the Adobe package. For now, this is mostly a hobby, but in the future he hopes to implement these passions in his work environment, and perhaps, even help and inspire students and others to make use of graphic design to improve their way of presenting and representing their own research. We are incredibly grateful for Riccardo’s flashy designer skills, and are happy that he joined the PR Team!

“As graphic designer and member of the PR team, I hope to help making the PhD Day 2017 even more appealing to all the students and PhDs who are interested in joining this great educational event.”

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