Information for sponsors

The PhD Day is an annual event that is aimed to inform PhD students about various aspects of PhD life and connect them to future career opportunities. Last year’s event was attended by over 700 PhD students from universities all over the Netherlands and neighbouring countries! We expect this number to increase in 2019.

During this event, you can meet the candidates who want to meet you: last year, almost 40% of the participants who attended the PhD Day were in the third or fourth year of their PhD and therefore looking for future career opportunities.

This year

  • The theme of the event is “Keep your light on”. We will focus on multidisciplinary talks and workshops emphasizing the well-being and self-care of PhD students.
  • We expect up to 1000 highly educated, motivated, enthusiastic minds to participate.
  • We invite you to join us by choosing one of our partnership options.

Joining us is your ideal chance to

  • Advertise your company through our pre-event print and social media channels.
  • Showcase yourself onsite during the PhD Day.
  • Network and build new partnerships with a highly-qualified scientific community.


This year the sponsorship can be completely tailored to your company’s wishes; instead of staying limited to pre-made packages, you can combine different elements that suit you best. The price ranges serve as indication and can vary based on location and combination with other possibilities. Due to the fact that we aim to decrease the amount of waste produced by our event, flyers will not be preferred and could be replaced by e-flyers on a USB stick or equivalent.

Workshop (30 min)*
Banner at Keynote Hall
Display logo at 2 places**
Display logo at 3 places**
Display logo at 4 places**
Display logo at all places
Product in goodie-bag
Question about your company***
Business lunch

 * Workshops are subjected to Program Committee approval.

** Potential places for your logo are: our website, social media, program sheet, presentation sheet during break, posters or our e-communication.

*** A game will be organized to encourage participants to attend company stands.


If you are interested in sponsoring the 2019 PhD Day Groningen and want to know more about our sponsorship options, please fill out the sponsorship contact form below.