Promotion material

Promotion material

Would you like to help in the promotion of the Groningen PhD Day 2018? You can use the following text:

“The PhD Day is an annual educational event organized in Groningen for PhD and Research Master students, to broaden their research and career perspectives. Every year it attracts hundreds of participants from different disciplines from all over the Netherlands and beyond. This year’s theme is: Imagine, Invent, Inspire!

Join us and explore how to turn your ideas into meaningful inventions and ultimately inspire the new generations. Many world-renowned experts from diverse backgrounds will share their personal/professional stories with us.

There will also be several workshops offered by professionals from academia and industries focusing on how to develop soft skills (e.g. communication, networking, work ethic), how to get to the end of the PhD and then further (e.g. how to print a thesis, write CV, apply for a grant), how to maintain a healthy work-life balance, and many more. Throughout the whole event the participants will also have the chance to meet companies’ representatives at the career fair and the speed-dating sessions, enlarge their networks and look for future job opportunities.”

Below you can find all the graphic material that you might need. Please contact us via if you have specific requests.


You can download various formats of the PhD Day logo, with or without background.



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