Ingrid Molema

Prof. Ingrid Molema

There is life after ‘Hora Finita’ – Really? Really!

Ingrid (G.) Molema obtained her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1992 in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (now FSE) of the University of Groningen. After a 2-year postdoctoral training in Dallas, TX, USA, she started her own research group at UMCG as a fellow of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). In 2004 she was appointed full professor. The research of her team focuses on the smallest blood vessels in our body and pharmacological intervention of their participation in disease initiation and progression. Ingrid teaches in secondary school, high school, undergraduate, and graduate programs, and is–since 2015–advisor and trainer for the UoG Talent Development team and Groningen Graduate Schools. She is furthermore co-founder and CSO of Vivomicx bv.

“After defending your PhD thesis you will move on: maybe to another country, maybe to another job, or maybe you want to stay in academia and get further trained as a postdoctoral fellow.

In this workshop together we will draw a map of the optional paths you can take after the ‘Hora Finita’ has sounded, and what these paths encompass. We will discuss what you should do during your PhD to be ready to take the academic path, briefly touch upon the non-academic path, and what it means when you decide to shift gears and move from one path onto the other – and back.

Since this ‘PhD day 2018’ activity is a workshop, I expect you all to work – no surprise here. There is no entrance fee but one request: bring an (anonymized) academic CV of a friend, colleague, staff member who works in your field or discipline and who is 5-10 years ahead of you: these CVs won’t be discussed in detail, but you will work with it during an eye opening exercise.

I look forward to working with you!”

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