Innovatie Cluster


Hidden High Tech Diamonds, how the ICD companies can boost your career!

The Innovation Cluster Drachten is a collaboration of 20 Northern High Tech Companies with 3800 employees with more than 1400 employees working on innovation on a day-to-day basis ! Some are well known like Philips, BD and Stork. Others are not well-known yet but equal interesting for career opportunities at any level, and all in the Northern region of the Netherlands.

The heart of ICD is the unique collaboration between R&D departments that support and reinforce each other instead of competing with each other. This collaboration results in more than 50 new product introductions a year worldwide that save people’s lives, render the control of complex systems easy, adjust products to the individual needs and wishes of consumers, and make data needed for further improvement of food quality accessible. Together the ICD companies are the heart of the smart factory region in Northwestern Europe

Our companies work together to realize solutions for the big challenges of the future. We call these challenges the High Tech Big 5:

  • 3D metal printing: a unique combination of 3D printing, fundamental metals science, and post-processing technologies like ECM;
  • Remote sensoring and big data: establishing remote connections between appliances, instruments and machines, and collecting, transferring, storing, analyzing and using data;
  • Robotics: nearly or completely unmanned operation of high-tech systems at customers and in factories;
  • Visual intelligence: a unique combination of camera technologies, big data and neural networks;
  • All-electric propulsion: 100% emission-free drive systems through electric drive trains, including high-performance photovoltaic technology (100% renewable energy).


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