IWCN + Gemeente Groningen

International Welcome Center North + Gemeente Groningen

Job opportunities and ways to stay in the Netherlands

It is a great experience to study, work or start a company and is getting even more exciting when you go to another country. To find out more about the possibilities in the Netherlands, job opportunities, time jobs, internships, how to start your own company, information on the strong assets and companies of the region, this is the workshop where you have to go to!

The International Welcome Center North (IWCN), a one-stop shop offering services, advice and events for expats in the northern Netherlands, explains why there has never been a better time to move to one of the top Dutch regions. The International Welcome Center North was founded at the end of 2014 and is a one stop shop for internationals and companies. They provide:

  • accelerated formalities (IND & BSN): Highly-skilled migrant permit, Scientific Researcher, EU Blue Card, Orientation year non-EU permits, startup permit, self-employed permit;
  • Information, support and referrals for the employees and their family;
  • A member club, activities and events.

In the workshop, offered by Michiel Kasteleijn, IWCN will tell about the opportunities in the North, give an overview of the companies, how to start your own company, startup communities, tell about the different “easy”permits to stay and work in the Netherlands or start your innovative company.

Michiel Kasteleijn, Business Manager IWCN

My name is Michiel Kasteleijn. I am the business manager for the International Welcome Center North. I love to work together with different people to work as a team and make things happen. In this job I would like to make people, companies and organizations to join their strengths and work together for the international employee to feel at home and work successfully within the Northern part of the Netherlands.


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