Jan Hooikammer


Which job suits my talents?

Someone who works with their talents is an attractive person, lives contagiously and performs excellently in his/her working field. That is why I founded the Talentdiggers company. I help others discover, develop and excel in their talents to become that person. I help people discover who they are, what they are able of, and what they want. I teach them
to take control of their own career development. To go for maximum work pleasure with a minimum amount of stress.

How do you know if you are on the right track? Check your energy balance! Do you receive energy from your work or does it cost you energy? Discover how you can bend your ENERGY PLUS & MINUS BALANCE to a healthy balance. Does it mean that you need to quit your current job if you feel you do not have a healthy balance? Not necessarily: We will discover this together in a creative and refreshing way in no less than 40 minutes. How? Be surprised and come to the workshop.

Expert Talent development, trainer, speaker and coach. Co-developer of The Talenttraining, The Talentmodel and The Talenttest.

Someone who works with their talents is an attractive, contagious and permanently employable person. That is why I help others to discover their talents and teach them how to apply these in their jobs. I inspire people how to stop activities that require too much negative energy. This increases
satisfaction in their workplace. Others describe me as creative, “Out of the box” and inspiring.