Marijke Dam & Jet ter Heegde

The good news about undesirable behaviour and conflicts at work

During this workshop, Marijke Dam who works as confidential advisor at the University of Groningen, and Jet ter Heegde, who works as occupational social worker at the University of Groningen, will tell you how they support PhD-students with work-
related issues like undesirable conduct (sexual harassment, aggression, violence,
discrimination), unequal treatment or conflicts. They will explain what it is (within an
international perspective) and what you can do. They will try to make things clear with the
help of some examples (in an interactive way). Their most important message however is
that in the Netherlands we hold strong views on how we treat each other and that we
respect as much as we can the boundaries of each individual.
The support of Marijke and Jet is confidential and they never undertake action without the
support of their clients. They remain focused on finding the right solutions for their clients.

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Marijke about PhD related problems

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