Julian Rengers

Julian Rengers, Advisor, The Netherlands, GSMS

Julian Rengers, is in the second year of his PhD at the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences (Sociology), in which he researches the workplace inclusion of people who have a concealable stigmatized identity, with a specific focus on lesbian women, gay men, and bisexual people. He will be the advisor to the board of PhD Day 2019. Last year, he was a member of the Sponsorship team, and based on those experiences, hopes to contribute to making this year’s PhD Day another big success! As an advisor, his role boils down to supporting the main committee or any of the teams wherever that is needed, making sure all the little gaps and holes are filled, and to keeping an overview over the general process. He is very excited to once again be part of the organization of this wonderful event! In his free time, he likes spending time on stage doing improvisational theater, is fascinated by the many different words for¬†butterfly¬†(e.g., vlinder, Schmetterling, mariposa, farfalla, perhonen), and is a big fan of pub quizzes and puzzles!”

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