Katerina Kandylaki


Workshop 1: Rhythm is gonna get you 

This workshop will first briefly introduce three basic methods in cognitive neuroscience, explain what each method can and cannot do. The second part of the workshop will deal with language, speech and rhythm and how rhythm is used to serve a purpose and the intentions of the communicator. I will draw connections of rhythm to foreign language learning, advertising and artistic creations. Last, I will introduce my project on musical and language rhythm and how I aim to compare musicians and non-musicians brains. Although this workshop may not change your life, it will definitely be a fun way to spend your afternoon with some science, rhythm and inspiration to think across knowledge fields.

Workshop 2: Move, breathe, balance through your PhD

This workshop will get you moving, literally. We will do some exercises for breathing, strength, balance and coordination. I will show you, what got me through my PhD sane, at times when everything seemed to be going wrong. What made the headaches disappear. Make sure you can move freely in your clothes, be prepared to go outside, and let yourself take a break from sitting!


A linguist turned into a cognitive neuroscientist. I come from Crete, the southmost part of Europe. I studied Greek philology and linguistics in Athens, computational linguistics in Saarbrücken and did a PhD in the Neurobiology of Language in Marburg. Having experienced the positive effects of Margaret Morris Movement on my physical and mental well-being during my PhD, I decided to become a teacher to share this type of training with students and professionals. I am teaching Margaret Morris Movement since 2017. Always fascinated by language and communication, now investigating how the brain does it. Currently based in Maastricht, working in the BAND-lab on rhythm perception in speech.