Linda Dijkshoorn

Starting a business while still in academia

Linda Dijkshoorn is a PhD at the University of Groningen in her finalizing months. During her PhD she worked in her spare time to set up the Biotechnological start-up EV Biotech and managed to get a substantial investment with her team. EV Biotech designs, engineers and creates micro-organims to produce specialty chemicals like vanilla other flavours and fragrances, biomaterials, precursors for pharma and later potentially pharmaceutical compounds. The strategy that EV Biotech uses is at the frontier of science. EV Biotech uses state-of-the-art computational modelling techniques to optimize genetic design of the production micro-organisms, saving time, resources, waste and overall cuts the development time in half. “Setting up a start-up is a scary but immensely fun and inspiring path to take after you PhD, there are so many more possibilities and opportunities than we initially believe during our PhD”