Lovebird Design

My name is Joanna, I’m a graphic designer based in Groningen, the Netherlands. I am a true passionate of design, I love paper and all beautiful things that can be done with it, books in particular. During my PhD studies in genetics I realized that design is my thing in life, so I quit science and started my own business, which did not land that far from science, since my specialty is PhD thesis preparation (cover design, layout and/or printing).

Joanna created Lovebird design to help PhD students with thesis design and printing. As a former PhD student she knows how busy and stressful the time before defense can be. Her job is to make sure your thesis looks great and is delivered on time – all in friendly and professional atmosphere. Your book is going to be taken care of individually, so you can expect a tailor-made design and a schedule adjusted to your needs. Meet her and talk with her during a PhD Day. Simply register for a speed-date or just drop by her booth at the career fair. See you there!

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