Main Committee Tasks

Main Committee Tasks

Do you want to know more about the tasks of the main committee members? Take a look at the overview below! If you still have questions for us, please contact us via e-mail at


As the chair of PhD Day, your task is to keep the overview of the progress of the four teams. You take care of the main committee meetings and send task reminders to the team chairs. Where necessary, you attend their meetings and you help them out in their tasks (such as member recruitment, brainstorms about program content, or contacting potential sponsors). Further, as the face of the event, you communicate with the PhD councils, University officials and government officials.

As head of program you are responsible for the selection of an innovative, diverse program that is of interest of PhD students from different backgrounds and fields of study. You lead the program team in the creative process of selecting the speakers and making contact with them. This means that you should be assertive, think big, persuasive, have good networking skills, like to work in a team, but also have leaderships skills and be able to make (sometimes hard) decisions. You should of course have vision on which topics are of most interest for PhD students, selecting a series of lectures and workshops that can help them develop themselves and expand their future career opportunities!

As head of the sponsorship team, you are responsible for making sure that your team knows who to contact and what to say, and to keep the administration and procedures as clear and simple as possible. You have the final responsibility in the deals that are made, and it is up to you to make sure that the PhD Day organization delivers on their end in a timely manner. Furthermore, you lead the search for new and inventive ways to close gaps in the budget. In order to be a good head of sponsorship, you need to be motivated and willing to push the PhD Day to a next level, and you need to be able to communicate that enthusiasm to your team and the companies contact. You also need creativity and a strong sense of fairness in order invent the best deals for a wide range of potential sponsors, and to stick with them to the end. Lastly, you need to be organized and able to keep a level-head in times of stress in order to make sure that everybody is informed on time and knows what the order of operations is. If you have these skills, then you are perfect for leading the team!

As head of the PR team, you are the main responsible for the development of social media and advertising strategies. Together with your team, you will initially take care of the renovation of the public image of the PhD Day brand (on social media, website, printed materials, etc.). The head of PR needs to ensure that each member of their team is following the general set guidelines on each of the channel that we use for promotion (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, website and, potentially, also Instagram), in order to make the event as appealing as possible and attracts participants from all over the Netherlands and beyond. He/she are also responsible for selecting members of their team to be in close contact with both Sponsorship team (to ensure that the sponsors receive the exposure they pay for) and Program team (to make sure the information about the program of the event is always up to date and readily available to potential participants). Lastly, he/she oversees the registration procedure for participants. As main conveyor of the PhD Day’s brand, you need to be creative, organized, highly motivated and enthusiastic. You also need to be able to communicate the same motivation and enthusiasm to your team members and always stimulate them to come up with new ideas. 

The head of Finance manages the budget of the PhD Day and keeps tracks, together with their team, of all income and expenses. He/she maintains contact with GOPHER and the University, institutions from which we are dependent when it comes to actually process the transactions (e.g. the income from the sponsorship deals is processed through the University of Groningen’s financial department). The head of Finance also looks for accommodation options for speakers and company representatives, whenever required. He/she is responsible for providing financial overviews to the main committee, and has a crucial role in determining how the budget can be spent and in which manner.

The Adviser is a person who passes lessons learned from last year to the current committee, identify what is being overlooked, and try to fill in those gaps to help take the event to the next level without limiting the new board’s creativity. The adviser should also try to share burdens of other board members where possible while avoiding inappropriate interference. If you have had experience as a leader and a follower, it may be time to try taking an adviser’s role because being an adviser is similar to neither of them!