Marc Raupach



My name is Marc Raupach. I studied chemistry at the Philipps-Universität Marburg in Germany. I specialised on theoretical and computational chemistry. After receiving my Diplom-Chemiker degree – comparable to master of science degree – in 2011, I started my PhD studies in the field of computational chemistry with the focus on calculating chemical bonding indices between molecules and surfaces. In 2015, I finished my PhD studies successfully. Afterwards, I took over a post-doctoral position at Software for Chemistry; Materials (SCM) in Amsterdam. Here, the focus was on calculating absorption spectra for semi-conductor surfaces and software development.

After my postdoc period ended in 2017, I decided not to continue my carrier in computational chemistry – neither in academia, nor in industry. Instead I wanted to focus on my software development skills which I acquired during my studies so far. Hence, I applied for software developer positions. That is how I got to work for the IBM Client Innovation Center in Groningen as a developer for web applications and for robotic process automations.