Mariëlle Osinga

Mariëlle Osinga, Netherlands BSS

After studying 5 years in Groningen in which Mariëlle Osinga finished a Bachelor in Pedagogy, a Bachelor in Teacher’s Training College for Primary Education and a Master in Educational Sciences, she decided to work for another 5 years as a PhD-student at the Pedagogy department. Her PhD-project focuses on experiences and possible consequences of growing up without a father, in Caribbean and Dutch families in the Netherlands and in Curaçao. After working as a primary school teacher at Saint Martin (Dutch Caribbean), the interest for this research subject also came from the practice.

“As a Dutch member of the 2018 PhD Day Sponsorship, I help my team to (better) connect with Dutch-speaking companies and try to show companies our win-win mentality: They invest in the PhD-Day, and a PhD-student will invest in their company.”

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