Marina Papadopoulou

Marina Papadopoulou, Chair, Greece, GSSE

Marina Papadopoulou is a computational biologist from Greece, currently a second-year PhD student in the Groningen Institute of Evolutionary Life Sciences of RuG. During her PhD, she aims to develop computational models of collective escape of bird flocks. Marina got a Bachelor in Biology from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), during which she focused on ecological modelling and conservation. Subsequently, with a research internship at the University of Glasgow (UK), she became enthusiastic about programming, which motivated her to complete a Master of Science in Computational Methods in Ecology and Evolution from Imperial College London (UK). She is involved in multiple projects in a variety of research areas, from cultural evolution and collective behavior to sustainable agriculture and gender bias. She has been a volunteer in a wildlife rehabilitation center for 4 years and helped the organization of multiple local and international events, such as scientific conferences and antiracist festivals. Apart from a PhD student, Marina is a Star Wars fan, very passionate about food and trying to follow a zero-waste lifestyle. During her out-of-science life, she is fencing, watching movies, chilling in cafes, and laughing with bad programming jokes.

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