Martijn Benjamin Blikmans is a first year Social Psychology PhD student at the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences/Heymans Institute of the University of Groningen. Inspired by the interesting geopolitical landscape of the last few years, he has started his PhD project on the rhetoric of politicians and their use of moral beliefs and emotions in their speeches. He has completed both his Bachelor’s and Research Master’s degree in Groningen with theses investigating the effects of morality in both protester and political domains. Whilst he loves Groningen and his network there, he aims to expand his network with research visits to experts across the world during his PhD Career.

“As member of the sponsorship team, I hope to help both companies and students find not only enjoyment on the PhD Day itself, but also exciting future career and research possibilities. I look forward to working with my colleagues and to channel our creativity through discussions and activities to create attractive offers for all parties!”

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