MCAA Benelux

MCAA Benelux

The Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) is promoting an active community of researchers brought together by past or present mobility experience under the European Commission’s Marie Curie programme. Our association provides high-quality services to enhance research and professional collaboration.

The BeNeLux chapter is part of the MCAA and encourages local networking, recruits and attracts new members to the Association, and generally enhances the image of the MCAA within the Benelux (i.e. Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxemburg). All MCAA members residing in the chapter’s geographical area can become a member of the BeNeLux Chapter. 

“We encourage you to join our chapter if you are interested in: (i) networking with other Alumni in the Benelux region, (ii) increasing awareness and visibility of the MCAA, and (iii) supporting new MCAA members to settle in the region.”

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