MindMint – Refreshing Research 

You dream of publishing in high impact journals, but at the same time of being the life of the party with your passionate stories on how your research will change the world. MindMint can help you share your passion for research and practice communicating about it to the broad public. The ability to communicate your research to the general public is becoming increasingly important within academia and society. Terms such as ‘science communication’, ‘popularising research’, and ‘knowledge utilisation’ are becoming more prominent. But what does this all actually mean for those doing a PhD? And, how can you (as a PhD) actually ‘do it’? 
We welcome you to Groningen’s first and only PhD research communication platform. Join our kick-off meeting on Thursday 27th of September in literary cafe de Graanrepubliek from 7 – 9 PM to learn what MindMint is all about! Or come visit our stand for some fun communication games, we might have some nice prices in store.