Organization 2020

The PhD Day will return in 2020 with a new edition and a completely new organizing committee!

Are you interested in taking part in the the organization of such an inspiring event? Please let us know!

  • If you are interested in joining the main committee (have a look here to see an overview of the main committee members’ tasks), send your motivation to (subject “Organization 2020 – Main”) by October 4th.
  • If you are interested in joining one of the sub-committees (PR, program, sponsorship or finance), send your motivation to (subject “Organization 2020 – Committees”) by November 1st.

This year’s main committee will select the 2020 board and the new board will then select the committees’ members and set up the teams. If you have any question regarding the organization of the event, just contact us and we’ll be happy to give you more information and details! –PhD Day 2019 Organizing committee

SPONSORSHIP TEAM: As part of the sponsorship team, you are faced with the challenge of organizing the career fair and of getting a large part of the income that makes the PhD Day possible. Together with your colleagues, your main task throughout the year will be to reach out to company representatives via phone, email and meetings, and to set up profitable deals. However, you will also work together with PR team to give the sponsors the exposure they pay for, the program team to help fill the time slots for speakers, and the finance team to make sure that all the money and administration is in order. Thus, if you have flexibility to craft good deals, the business orientation to stand your ground in financial debates, and the gut and persuasiveness to reach out and sell the PhD Day to the biggest players in the field, then the sponsorship team is your place to be!

PROGRAM TEAM: As part of the program team, you determine the content of the program of the PhD Day, being responsible for the selection of the speakers. Your main task is to work together with the rest of the team to find out which topics are of most interest for PhD students (from diverse backgrounds), and invite renown speakers active in these topics. You will also work together with the Sponsorship team to select workshops given by companies’ representatives, and with the PR team to promote the program to potential participants. Thus you should have good networking and teamwork skills, be flexible, persuasive and, most of all, be creative and think big!

PR TEAM: As a member of the PR team you will be responsible for taking care of the public image of the PhD Day brand. This means that your team will be managing all social media activities and the website, and keeping contact with other institutions based in Groningen like Gopher, MindMint, GRIN and others. Other main functions of the PR team are advertising the event and attracting participants from all over the Netherlands (and beyond), and taking care of the entire registration procedure. You will also be responsible for the design of all the printed materials. The PR team will also work closely with the Sponsorship team to ensure the sponsors the exposure they pay for. In the past two years the PR team has also been involved, together with the Program Team, in the organization of the evening program of the PhD Day.

FINANCE TEAM: The Finance team manages the budget of the PhD Day. They make sure that all the transactions are always accounted for, regularly provide financial overviews for the PhD Day board but also for the University of Groningen, one of our major supporters, and process both income and expenses. Together with the Sponsorship team, you will also take care of drafting the contracts for our partners and you will make sure that all the transactions are completed in a timely manner. The Finance team’s work happens mainly behind the scenes but nonetheless is of crucial importance to ensure the successful organization of the event.