Prof. dr. Ingrid Molema

A personal grant to launch your academic career

You just finished your PhD thesis manuscript, tell your professor you would like to stay in academia, and she says: ‘ Write a personal grant – you’ll make it work !’ But when you go through the grant agency guidelines and look up previous grant laureates, you almost get a heart attack: Getting a personal grant is not something you do ‘just like that’. Instead, it requires quite some time, as you need to build your CV and publish your papers – among others. In the workshop, prof. dr. Ingrid Molema will guide you through what a grant is, what grant agencies look for, how the selection process works, and how you can properly prepare for your first personal grant as a stepping stone into an academic staff position.

Ingrid is full professor at the university of Groningen where she has her own research group focusing on the effect of drugs on the microvasculature in tumors and in conditions of shock. Ingrid also contributes to Kids University Groningen and high school science education programs, and is chair of the Dutch network of Women Professors. Ingrid is actively involved in VENI, VIDI, and VICI grant writing courses since 2013. Come and learn during the PhD Day!

Ingrid’s staff profile
Interview with Ingrid about the representation of women within the academic community

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