prof. dr. Ritsert Jansen

How to develop your career as a PhD graduate

Prof. dr. Ritsert Jansen is professor of bio-informatics at the University of Groningen and head of the Groningen Bio-informatics Centre. His research group focuses on biomolecular experiments on populations, using ‘genetic genomics’ strategies which combine the merits of genetics with the power of genomics. Ritsert is also ‘Dean of Talent Development’ at the University of Groningen. In this position he aims to help his young colleagues by sharing his own experiences as researcher. In 2011 he wrote the book ‘Developing a Talent for Science’ about the stressful life of modern scientists in an increasingly competitive academic environment. Two years later he published his book ‘Funding your career in Science’ about how to attain research grants. If you want some tips and tricks on how to be an entrepreneur in research, attend his talk!

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