Indoor Festival

For this year’s edition of the PhD Day, we decided to have something completely new for the evening program! Since the first stages of the organization we always intended to deliver the message that being able to look at one’s research from different perspectives and exploiting one’s imagination are key ingredients for a successful and fulfilling career. That is how the idea of an indoor festival was born, where arts and science come together and something unique is born!

After the closing ceremony of the PhD Day, we will remain in De Oosterpoort where drinks will be served while the preparations for the night will start. During the evening we will have several artistic acts: dancers, musicians, a comedy improv show, poets and we’ll end the night dancing with an eclectic DJ set!

Stranger Things Have Happened

STHH are a famous improv comedy group based in Groningen that performs both international and national shows. They also host improvisation workshops and courses since several years. At the PhD Day they will give one of their brilliant improv comedy show. As they like to say: “At a Stranger Things show, you never know what to expect. Neither do we.” The only way to figure it out is to attend the show (and maybe join them on stage, if you’re brave enough), so don’t miss it!

Dance & Yoga Styles

Dance & Yoga Styles is a (pole) dance and yoga school located in Zwolle. They provide various styles of dance and yoga lessons, workshops and coaching. During all classes, balance, personal progress and fun are central. At the PhD Day 2018, a group of dancers from the school will amaze us with an aerial dance show to accompany the evening program. If you want to know more about them visit their website:








Phoenix (Poetic Disaster Club)

Phoenix Chase-Meares is a young and queer artist from London, who specializes in the use of movement and text-based work. He is member of the Poetic Disaster Club, and founder & artistic director of TobyLikesMilk. The work created is always work furthering the notion of queer theory in search of knowledge and understanding for queer communities. At the PhD Day 2018, he will perform in an interactive show of his own creation. Brace yourselves, his work is very loud, unapologetic and milky





Rachel Raetzer (RUG Poet)

Rachel Raetzer, student of European Languages and Cultures, is poet-in-residence at the University of Groningen for the academic year 2017-2018. Rachel has been writing poetry since she was a child, gradually developing her own style. As poet-in-residence, she hopes to write poems that move her readers and give them pause for thought. At the PhD Day 2018, she will gather up feelings and thoughts from the participants and transform them into a unique poem!





Sije Kingma

Sije Kingma works as a filmmaker/artist based in Groningen. He collaborates with museums and artists to create short films and documentaries about art, artists and exhibitions. Moreover, he works on experimental film projects in which he intends to establish a powerful sense of place where the unconscious mind can flow freely. Scenes arise, evoke new scenes and become images in time. Sije participates in different festivals and gallery screenings, both national and international.

Sije will contribute to the PhD Day 2018 with A chase for reality: from chaos to focus to chaos, a video art project conceived in collaboration with Astrid Kruitwagen, PhD student at the UG and Head of Program of the PhD Day. “What will happen when we try to combine and connect all research? We try to answer this question with a creative experiment, an artistic video, based on research photos (from you, PhD students!). Would we get closer to finding reality, the truth, understanding of the whole world around us? Will we ever truly stop searching? Is it possible to capture the whole truth at all?” ⇒ Watch a teaser trailer below:

If you are interested in contributing to his video-art project, you can submit your own photos using this form.

The organization of the festival is supported by Het Akkoord van Groningen and the IWCN