Photography contest

Photography contest – Portrait your Research

You are putting all your effort in your research. You have a story to tell. Show it to the world!

Do you know that feeling when you are trying to explain your research topic, but the person in front of you cannot image it? Then you take your phone. You scroll through your gallery and show some pictures you took the other day. Suddenly you see the look in his/her eyes change. What picture would you show? 

Goal: We want to visualize the large diversity of research topics we, young scientists, are working on! We all focus on a very specialized topic during our PhD, but when we put all the pictures together, we can make an album of how we – young scientists – are trying to understand the world. 

  • Let’s make a collective portrait of our research to show our world to the PhD Day participants!
  • Vote during the PhD Day 2018 for the best photo and win a large print of your photo and a prize in money!

Why contribute?

  • The best photo will be voted and awarded during the PhD Day 2018
  • Contribute and be part of the 2018 PhD Day: the photos will be exhibited digitally during the PhD Day. Let’s show our research to everyone!
  • Communicate about your research through art (a picture is worth a thousand words)
  • Challenge yourself, be creative and show us your research through your eyes
  • You could use your picture for your thesis cover, for presentations or your personal website
  • We’re currently in contact with World Press Photo Groningen, who showed interest in including a selection of the photos at their next exhibition!

What kind of photo?

  • In line with the theme “Portrait your research”
  • This can be (but not limited to):
    • A concept/object/organism that you are investigating?
    • What are you trying to understand?
    • What do you see when you collect your data?
    • How/where do you collect your data?
    • What is/will be the outcome of your research efforts?
    • See some examples below

Submit your photo (max 3 photos per person) clicking on the button below or by sending an e-mail to, subject “photo-contest submission”, with a short description of each photo (max 3 sentences), your name, and your field of study. You must be willing to grant us the rights to show your image during the PhD Day and – if your photo is chosen – publish it for the competition. The best photos will be chosen for the final phase held during the PhD Day. Please make sure that your contribution is in high enough quality (shot with a resolution of at least 8-12 Megapixels) for the exhibition on screen/paper.

We look forward to receiving your photos! If you have any question, contact us on