Prof. dr. Dirk Bezemer

Shifting paradigms in economics after the 2008 financial crisis?

Prof. dr. Dirk Bezemer is professor of Economics of International Financial Development. He currently works as associate professor at the University of Groningen where he leads a research team working on financial fragility, economic models and the causes and consequences of the financial crisis. His talk addresses theories of money and their relevance to research questions and methods in economics. The 2008 financial crisis caused theoretical confusion and a shift in consensus among economists, which is still ongoing. This is a case study of the impact of events on the balance between competing schools of thought in social science. Dirk will identify how insight which used to be marginalized in the economics of money and finance have come to be more widely accepted, how this has changed research practice, and the impact on policy makers, the end users of economic knowledge. Interested in learning more about financial fragility and the financial crisis? Attend his talk at the 2017 PhD Day!

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Video lecture by Dirk on how debt and money systems transformed into our modern financial system over the years