Rijk Luijendijk

Ins and outs about Medicins sans Frontieres

Rijk Luijendijkstudied medicine at the University of Groningen. After his study he went to Suriname where he worked as assistant in surgery for three years. Back in the Netherlands he finished his specialization for surgery and he worked as surgeon for most of his working life afterwards. In 2006 he started looking for a new challenge and a year later he went to Sri Lanka on his first mission for Doctors without Borders. He now has been on over 15 missions in conflict areas all over the world. During about 25 minutes of this presentation the principles of Medicins sans Frontieres (MSF) will be discussed. After this, an impression of the field work will be given. This will be a powerpoint presentation of the surgery during the Tamil tiger/Sinhalese armed conflict in 2009. Be aware: Some slides might be confronting!

Interview with Rijk (in Dutch)

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