Rodrigo Gonzalez Alvarez

Rodrigo Gonzalez Alvarez, Head of PR, Mexico, UMCG

Rodrigo Gonzalez is a 2nd year PhD student at the University of Groningen. He works at the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences (FBSS), where he studies LGBTQ+ children and youth in out of home care. He completed a bachelor in psychology in the huge Mexico City where he grew up. Then he moved to the tiny beautiful Groningen to start a research master in Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology at the UMCG where researched wellbeing and burnout in medical students. After that, he continued with a Phd on the same topic at the UMCG, but after two years he realized his professional interest laid in another field. He quit his PhD project and followed his heart to start all over again in a new research department, with another topic, at the FBSS.

Of course, not everything is work and research. He loves doing sports, chilling and partying with friends, traveling, social media, reading and a long etc.

“I know how difficult a PhD can be, and the problems that we have to face along the way, this year’s edition is  about addressing these difficulties. I attended the last PhD Day edition and I immediately felt I had to be part of the event the next year. Here I am now, as the head of the PR team which is working hard on letting the world know about this amazing and important event.”

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