Round table for hard science careers

Round table for hard science careers: Inside or outside academia?

At some point during your PhD you will have to make up your mind on whether you want to continue working inside academia or switch to a job outside of academia. But what is like to work outside of academia? In what way is a PhD useful? In this interactive session, PhD holders will talk about their career so far. Some of them are working inside academia and others outside, so you can get an impression of both types of career paths and their advantages and disadvantages. Join the sessions and ask them everything you have always wanted to know about the life after having pursued a PhD!

The following PhD holders will join this session:

Stephan van Duin: Although trained as a biologist at Wageningen and Berkeley, Stephan van Duin describes himself more as a “science translator” (in Dutch “wetenschapsvertaler”). He uses his passion and knowledge about biology to explain the world of science to a broad audience. By expanding his company ‘The Online Scientist’, publishing articles and books, and being a guest on various TV shows, he tries to spread his fascination for biology and science. Additionally, he is currently taking a ‘remote year’ ( about which he is certainly happy to talk at this year’s PhD day.

Dr. Luis Eduardo Juárez-Orozco: Since receiving his PhD degree in nuclear cardiology at the University of Groningen, Luis Eduardo Juárez-Orozco is working as a postdoctoral researcher at the PET Centre of Turku University Hospital in Finland. His profound knowledge about Positron Emission Tomography or PET imaging will certainly make a great contribution to this year’s PhD day.

Dr. Jasper Lodder: After receiving his Master’s degree in Pharmacy at the University of Groningen, Jasper Lodder completed his PhD training at the French national research institute INSERM and the Physiopathology department of the Université Paris-Est, France. Besides being a board member of the Dutch Industrial Pharmacists Association (NIA), he works as product quality leader at Patheon Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Iris Jonkers received her Master’s degree in Biotechnology at Wageningen University, she completed her PhD training in the department of Reproduction and Development at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. She then worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Cornell University, USA. Since 2014, Iris Jonkers is a Rosalind Franklin Fellow at the Genetics department of the UMCG.

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