RUG Career Services

RUG Career Services

Professional trainers from the career services of the University of Groningen will give two workshops during the PhD Day 2018:

  • Self analysis for career orientation – Berber Munstra So, what are your strengths and weaknesses? What are you good at?’ Especially outside of academia, employers would love to know all about you in order to assess if you fit the team and organization. But, do you know all about you? Do you know how to talk about yourself in a professional way?

    To be able to set your goals and to have successful meetings with recruiters, employers and other professionals, you need to self-reflect first. You could ask yourself questions like: Who am I? What drives me? What do I want? What would I like to learn? During the workshop we will give you assignments to find out more about yourself. You will connect your self-knowledge to relevant skills for the labour market.

  • LinkedIn highlights – Yorieke DeenYou might know Researchgate as the place to be, to connect to professionals inside academia. But there is more! LinkedIn keeps on growing as a great platform to present yourself online, to share knowledge and connect to other professionals outside as well as inside academia.This workshop will help you get the best out of your LinkedIn profile! After the workshop you will know which part of LinkedIn is important for you to use, how to be found by recruiters, how to use LinkedIn for networking and personal branding. Finally we will show you how to use LinkedIn for job hunting. –Please bring your own tablet or laptop to the workshop and make sure that you create a (basic) LinkedIn account prior to the start of the workshop. See you there!–

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