RUG Ventures & VentureLab

Venture Lab North and RUG Ventures are two organizations driven to empower and support aspiring entrepreneurs in developing their business idea. With their slogans “Paving the road from idea to successful business” and “Where scientific knowledge and business meet”, they communicate a strong mission: Together, we have the power to create a better future world!

To support its mission, Venture Lab North provides a 10-month business development program that combines workshops, one-on-one coaching, and extensive networking opportunities. In doing so, they support entrepreneurs in all aspects of starting and maintaining a business – from product-customer fit over financial planning to marketing and communication.

Likewise, RUG Ventures strives to support researchers in developing their innovative ideas. So far, they have helped more than 80 researchers turn their ideas into impactful and flourishing businesses. Next to providing funding, RUG Ventures functions as a reliable advisor that will guide you toward success through collaboration and teamwork.

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