Controlling work pressure: Recognize the signals

SoFoKleS is the social fund for the labour market in the academic sector: Dutch universities, research institutions and university medical centres. SoFoKleS aims to help employees and employers to realize a pleasant work environment by carrying out projects, conducting research, and subsidizing projects executed by institutions in the sector.

For any scientist, being able to perform, publish and raise money for follow-up research is important. But it is often accompanied by some level of work pressure and stress. How can you recognize work-related pressure and stress? What can you do to prevent it? This workshop will shed some light on recognizing stressful circumstances and will focus on how you personally can make it manageable.

The workshop will be given by Mariska Stuivenberg and Feline Nieuwkoop.

Mariska Stuivenberg, program leader Sustainable Employability for SoFoKleS, has extensive experience with stress and work pressure. As an organizational adviser, she has done several projects addressing work pressure. Feline Nieuwkoop, adviser for SoFoKleS, is active in a broad range of programs and themes concerning the academic labour market, including mobility, career development & talent.

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