Suzanne Bindels



About Suzanne Bindels

Suzanne is working as trainer and accountmanager for Resilians. Resilians offers Personal Coaching Service for employees of large companies in the Netherlands. Suzanne graduated in organizational psychology in 2003 (UoG) and later specialized in coaching for people struggling with stress and burnout. After some years as an independent coach (Orange Vitality Coaching) she joined the Resilians’ team to become a sparring partner for HR departments, developing programs on topics such as vitality, sustainable employability and work engagement.


The struggle to relax, burnout, prevention and vitality

During her interactive presentation on PhD Day 2019 she will focus on dealing with chronical stress and the prevention of burnout. She will start a conversation with the audience about: how does stress essentially work? How can I recognize the signals of stress? You will discover which energy resources, whether internal (psychological) or external, you can activate for yourself or the people around you, and how you can resiliently recover after a challenging period.