University Library Services

University Library Services

University of Groningen Library and the Central Medical Library: We make PhD life easier for you – Library services throughout the research cycle  

From refining your research question to gathering data, analyzing it, writing, choosing where to publish (open access) and making your research visible: the PhD research cycle is a tough one! Luckily, the University of Groningen Library and the Central Medical Library are there to make PhD life easier for you. The library is not only a place for studying and the provision of academic information, but is also your research partner supporting you throughout your entire research journey.

At what stage of your research journey are you? Are you looking for literature to support your research? Are you analyzing research data? Or is it time to write and publish? Visit our stand and ask our experts on:

– academic skills, finding and accessing literature and data;
– managing literature and data;
– collecting, storing and presenting research data;
– (open access) publishing and green open access;
– the University’s research database Pure;
– author identification (ORCID);
– copyright;
– measuring the impact of your work (e.g. citation index);
– or any other issues you need help with!

The University of Groningen Library and the Central Medical Library are responsible for the academic information provision for researchers and students. The libraries offer the most up-to-date technologies to increase the availability of information, promote the research conducted at the University of Groningen and the UMCG via the research database and store research data, academic work and knowledge for future generations.

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