Sander Wirken

Reaching a broader audience through documentary film

As most PhD candidates are well aware, their thesis shall probably not be read by more than a hundred people (and that’s being generous). Which is a shame, given all effort and creativity put into the thesis. But what if some of the ideas of the thesis can be turned into a documentary film? That is what Sander Wirken did. His PhD research is about impunity and the rule of law in Guatemala. Whilst doing his PhD research he also made a documentary about Claudia Paz y Paz, Attorney General of Guatemala. The film, called Burden of Peace, was screened at festivals around the world, won various awards and was nominated for the Golden Calf for Best Documentary. In this workshop, Sander Wirken will explain how his PhD research and Burden of Peace interrelated and how he went about making the documentary.

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“Burden of Peace” trailer

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