VDL Wientjes Roden

VDL Wientjes Roden is a company with around 60 employees based in Roden (the Netherlands) that develops, produces and assembles thermoplastic plastic products for a wide range of markets and in close co-operation with its customers. More than 70% of their customers are working in the field of healthcare, Like MRI and XR machine builders, cancer treatment and neonatology like incubators. They work together with knowledge institutes such as UMCG, UMCU, UMCL, The Hanze Hogeschool, The Health Hub Roden and several spinoffs to develop new products in the field of healthcare. The production of a single product is sometimes started up during the development phase, while series of 50 to 4,000 items can be produced during the production phase. By making use of various technologies VDL Wientjes Roden is able to produce a range of sizes, and anything from simple to complex technical and viewing products. VDL Wientjes Roden is characterized by a flat and open organizational structure with enthusiastic employees who invariably put the customer first. Their employees are skillful and have plenty of experience in the development, production and assembling of synthetic products. This is one of the reasons why they are able to respond quickly and with expertise to your queries regarding the latest developments in raw materials and processing technology, or on how various production technologies can be best combined to achieve the best results for their customers.

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