Marijke Dam & Jet ter Heegde

Marijke Dam works as confidental advisor at the University of Groningen. In her work, she assists staff and students who experience unequal treatment, undesirable conduct (sexual harassment, violence, aggression and discrimination), or problems with co-operation at work. She is regularly confronted with PhD students who experience these kinds of problems. Most often, these problems concern the relation between the PhD and supervisor(s).

Jet ter Heegde works as occupational social worker at the University of Groningen. In her work she helps employees who experience problems in their work environment. She also is volunteer at the Red Cross where she provides psychosocial help to people who have experienced traumatic events.

In their talk, Marijke and Jet will address work-related issues, and explain how to prevent them or what to do when you experience them yourself.

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Marijke about PhD related problems

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