We are a group of enthusiastic PhD students from the University of Groningen, who together form the organization of the Groningen PhD Day 2023. We are working hard to ensure that all participants will have a fantastic and constructive experience at the PhD Day 2023!

Head of the PhD Day Board - Iris

Hello! I’m Iris, 27, physician-scientist, born and raised in Groningen. My PhD at the department of Cardiology of the UMCG focuses on response to therapy and renal function in patients with heart failure. Currently I’m coordinating a randomized clinical trial in patients with acute heart failure funded by the Dutch Heart Foundation (de Hartstichting), which enables me to see patients and be active during the day. In my spare time I play field hockey, like kickboxing, make my own ravioli pasta, and try out new restaurants with friends and/or family.

Secretary - Juul

Hi! It’s Juul, 25 years old, coming from ‘below the rivers’ of the Netherlands - i.e.. the southern part of this country ;). My research focuses on offshore energy infrastructure and also outside of work, I prefer to spend my time on the water. Most often, you can find me outside, enjoying the nature of Groningen and surroundings or the beautiful terraces in town 🙂

Head of Program - Lisanne

Hi! I am Lisanne, born and raised in a small town next to Amersfoort. My research at the department of psychoses of the UCP focuses on the effectiveness of Virtual Reality relaxation as an add-on to treatment for people with psychiatric disorders. In my spare time I love to try out new restaurants, play squash, be with friends and go on walks in nature!

Head of Marketing / Public Relations - Franzi

Hallo - Hoi - Hi - Hola! My name is Franzi, I am 28 years old, from Germany, and always up for an adventure. Apart from doing research around hybrid working, meaning the combination of working from home and from the office post-covid, I am passionate about practicing yoga, learning new languages and dancing Salsa/ Bachata.

Head of Sponsorship - Steve

Hi! I’m Steve, responsible for the sponsorship team and I’m doing my PhD in the AI department. In my research, I try to understand how the brain gives rise to intelligence and use this to build more intelligent, energy efficient, and sustainable computers. In my free time, I like to travel, go to music festivals, surf, dive, hike, and try new things. I’m into photography, both digital and analog, and often chase clear night skies to take photos of the milky way. I also like to read and I care a lot about science communication and education.

Head of Finances - Henrique

Hello! My name is Henrique, head of finance and doing a PhD in marine biology. I study corals and crabs and the nature of their symbiotic relationship to understand how they have co-evolved over time. Since the Netherlands (in mainland Europe) doesn’t have many corals, I spend some time chasing them up in the Caribbean. In my spare time I like to be in the water, on a squash/tennis court, reading a good book, looking for endangered species, or travelling.

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