Geertje Janssen & Lisette Spoelder

Geertje Janssen
“When I understand the smallest building blocks of the world we live in, I will better understand the bigger picture.” With this hypothesis in mind I started to study chemistry in 2002 and continued with a PhD in biophysical chemistry. In the final year of my project my first daughter was born. Her arrival motivated me to think of career options outside academia. I first joined People in Science in 2012. In addition I worked as director business development for a CRO selling research services to the pharmaceutical industry and as strategy consultant for (semi)governmental organizations. In 2016 I completed the BSc in recruitment, welcomed my second daughter and started the training program “3-steps to a career in industry for PhD’s and Postdocs”. I love the dynamic environment of recruitment and to witness the positive impact career advice and new job opportunities have on people’s lives.

Lisette Spoelder
From a young age I wanted to work in nursing. I like to “help people”. I accomplished that dream and have worked in nursing for 15 years. After being a Head nurse obstetrics for years, I decided to make the step towards business and became a business unit manager at a division of Randstad Healthcare for temporary jobs.
After that I started working for a recruitment agency for the Pharmaceutical sector, where my love for recruitment comes from (again: “helping people”). I wanted to build out my commercial talents in a direct sales position and started to work for a company in my village which sells laboratory equipment. Among others, my task was to introduce a Diagnostic test. Besides that I also sold equipment and this is where my interest for the sector aroused.
I really like to work with people and the large amount of knowledge of professionals within science, combined with a no-nonsense attitude appeals to me. That made me decide to start up my own recruitment agency. I did so, the first two years together with a partner and since January 2009 as my own company. The company developed it selves. At first we recruited for laboratory staff. Later on I felt that Academics had a problem to show their talents to the industry and the other way around, the industry was searching for Academic talents and couldn’t find the perfect talents. We saw we could contribute to solve this problem.
My colleague Geertje Janssen, PhD in Biophysical chemistry developed a curriculum for a course especially for PhD’s to help them to define their talents to find a job in the industry.

Meet Geertje and Lisette at the People in Science workshop or at the Career Fair.

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